apothecary of web & interactive design
UX | UI | Visual
Strategy, Design + Implementation
I create inviting user experiences that reflect solid typography, clean and exciting design, and researched planning.
by nature, I am a dreamer, a creator and a thinker.
the path
In my life, I have been a graphic designer, a fashion designer, and even a musician. I found through this process of exploration, adulting and discovery that what I really like to do is create experiences for people.

Through the past several years of focusing specifically on web and interactive design, I have found a purpose for my empathy, problem solving skills, creativity and the joy of entertaining people.
my creative strengths
...are best applied in roles where I am inspiring, strategizing, and creating.
my value
...comes from years of experience working my way around all sorts of facets of the production process: the visual, the development, the user experience planning, the researching, and the management. Which means I can l look at the bigger picture, but also narrow in on the details.
the focus
My most recent work has been focused on creating user experiences and interfaces for business developers, start-ups, small businesses, large institutions, and corporate businesses. Some of these contracts required working independently. Others such as with RampRate, UCSC and Nuvolex, I was part of a team. Managing the various jobs, as an independent design agency has kept me on my toes, organized, flexible, and focused, and has infused me with a wealth of knowledge.

Although these positions and contracts have required me to successfully handle other strategic web and app tasks, such as devising content marketing strategies, SEO and project management, my focus has remained on design and management.
My process begins with collecting data. What are the objectives of the site or product? What are the needs, concerns and habits of the potential users? Who are the competitors? What are they doing? Is it working? Why or why not? Data collecting can take place in the form of Internet research, interviews, app testing…depending on the needs of the project.

From there, with clear goals in mind, a design plan is constructed.

Yes. Of course I’m experienced with Adobe Creative Cloud. I’m quite the ninja with Illustrator and Photoshop. My HTML and CSS are sharp and DRY, too. But you will almost always see me with a sketchbook, a stack of index cards and a cup of ginger tea nearby. Because much like building a house, the tools are useless without a plan.

Whether its personas, wireframes, flowcharts, or mock-ups, their genesis is marked on paper first. I believe that introspective thought is a key component in more effective designing.