UCSC Computational Genomics Lab
design & dev
At the beginning of this project, the UCSC Computational Genomics Lab consisted of a single page on the Genomics Institute flagship site. CGL very much needed a place for future advocates and donors to go. Finding them was a challenge. Figuring out exactly what it is they do was also a challenge. There was a message to get across – a story to tell.

The first step was interviewing and working with the marketing director of the Genomics Institute to get a clear picture of whom their audience is, and what the goals of the site are. After that, interviews were conducted with the CGL team to assess what they wanted to show, and what their priorities are.
user research
After getting a clear idea of what the client wanted to say, attention was then turned to researching the user. In this case the users would be a combination of scientists who award funding to projects like this, scientists that are interested in working for CGL and prospective students. Through strategic research in getting to know who these people are, interviews with genomics scientists and visiting social media pages, user personas and empathy maps were created. From there, the plan unraveled.
architecture and organization
After collecting all of the data, index card were used to organize all of the information in preparation for creating an architectural map. From there, wireframes were created, prior to visual design.
visual direction & design
Color studies were conducted. Images were collected. Inspiration collages were created. I wanted to convey the power of biological science visually, while keeping a geometric structure. A design criteria phrase list was created, consisting of the words:
sensible, epic, natural, clean and futuristic. words:
From there, the wireframes became mock-ups. And after a few iterations and finalizations, they were handed off to the dev team, whom I managed and mentored, throughout the process.
see the site here: