design & dev
This was one of four sites designed and developed for the Genomics Institute. This particular one was a new site to represent the BD2K Summer Diversity Undergraduate Program. The site had to express science, diversity, mixed with an element of summer fun.

Meetings took place at the campus with directors and professors of the program, to gather a solid idea of what the program was all about. In interviewing the client, I gathered information about the prospective viewers of the site, which were to be predominantly students, plus advocates and benefactors, as well as potential teachers.
market and user research
In comparing what other resources were out there for college students, which sites and apps they frequented, there were some thematic consistencies. Research was also conducted on the age demographic, as well, to get a feeling of personality, so that the site would be relatable. The results of this research strongly affect choices made in color, interface design, personality, voice and usability. The images shown are a mere fraction of the research done, and images collected.
From the data collected, an empathy map and personas were created.
architecture and organization
wireframes & mockups
Here are a couple of the original wireframes and mock-ups, prior to iterations and development. For the final steps, I led a small team to develop the custom site, using a Wordpress back-end, so that the staff would be left with a site that they could easily make small updates to easily.
see the site here: